Carly Rae Fehlberg Photography


I’ll admit it, I’m a huge nerd.

I think it all started with Spiderman. My father, when he was young, was a major “fanboy” from the very beginning. He read all the comics and even went to the very first comic-con (which was held in someone’s basement). I remember going to the bookstore with him one time, and we happened upon the comic book section. He pulled out a copy of the oldest Spiderman issues and began listing off his favorite artists.

Looking back to that moment, I realize just how much my appreciation for this art has grown. I definitely have a lot more to say about it than I can write here, so I tried to capture what I thought was a major artistic element in every comic book: the climax.

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One thought on “Climax

  1. my mother loved to watch spiderman.

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