Carly Rae Fehlberg Photography


Today, I took a photograph of blinds in an ongoing attempt to make ordinary things look interesting. This is not my proudest moment.

It’s been a long week.

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2 thoughts on “Ordinary

  1. Well, Carly Rae, don’t think about this not being your proudest moment, don’t be so hard on yourself!!! Wow!!! This picture is good! I particularly like the way it becomes less focused towards upper right – many dimwits would have tried to get it all in focus, which would have considerably spoiled the whole effect.

    An idea. This picture is good, but another picture would be this one rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Try it. Our eyes enter pictures from the left, so if you perform this rotation, our eyes will hit the in focus part first, and move out onto the unfocused part.

    If you’re thinking about abstracts, pop over to my blog and use the Categories drop down in the sidebar to see examples.

    I hope this is useful. Don’t give up hope! Adrian

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