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I’ve found that when I go to any kind of social gathering, I tend to be at the back of the room not talking most of the time and just watching the people. I used to think it was a bad thing, that I should assert myself and make friends, or something, but I realized I find it much more enjoyable when I can just observe. Maybe that’s part of why I like photography so much. I get to watch the world go by and appreciate the beauty instead of getting caught up in the noise.

I’m sorry, I have a tendency to get philosophical at 2 AM.

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3 thoughts on “Observation

  1. I like this one too and who cares about 2am – except of course its later than that in the UK.

    Do it, watch, stay at the back of the room and do what most people haven’t a clue about doing, they never think about it! Most peoples’ lack of imagination is a really sad thing.

    I really like your words “I get to watch the world go by and appreciate the beauty instead of getting caught up in the noise.” >>> yes, that’s it, don’t get caught up in the noise, that’s just for airheads, look at the beauty >>> look, look, and look again! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I hope my words are getting to you. I’m passionate about photography, its such an enormous outlet for my creativity. I was a confirmed film photographer, I’ve been taking photos for over 50 years, but digital has really opened the doors to a creative potential beyond anything I could have imagined. Adrian

    • Thank you so much for this, I’m very honored to read such encouraging things from another photographer who is (from what I have seen) a lot better and more experienced than me. It’s always wonderful for me to find people who share my love for photography.

      • Hello, Carly Rae, I’m glad you’re encouraged by what I’ve said. 🙂 It is all said sincerely.

        One thing to remember – all of us photographers – everyone but everyone!!! – loses inspiration and gets a bit down from time to time – people write about this on their blogs. So don’t worry about it, don’t let it get you down, its natural. Go with the flow. If you have some pics that you don’t like, well delete ’em!, have a break or not as you chose, and take some more. You’re so lucky to be in the days of digital. Film was rather more awkward – and also expensive!

        Be sure to look at lots of blogs – every new image you see gives you more visual experience – it enlarges the visual library in your head.

        And when you’re looking for pictures, don’t force it, don’t try too hard, let the pics come to you. The important thing when looking for images is to be receptive to your surroundings – don’t daydream because if you do you’re not in those surroundings mentally; and don’t do what most people do, which is to glance superficially over their surroundings – don’t stare and burn your eyes out! but consciously look at things and think about them – this is Visual Awareness and this is what you are aiming for.

        Once you are Visually Aware, the world will be a new place – and you will very rarely be bored!

        Many times it has been said that one very useful facet of photography is to show people the usual in an unusual way – eg your image, to which someone might say “you mean that’s a set of blinds, I never knew they could look like that!”.

        I will end with encouragement I’ve given to many others – KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!! 🙂 Adrian

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